Saturday, October 18, 2008

Testing Flock 2.0's Blog Editor

I've just installed Flock 2.0 and created shortcuts for my Chuck Baggett profile and for another profile.

This is the first post I've made using Flock 2.0's blog editor.

First off, there's a problem with the font display in the editor, and problem that reminds me of a similar problem in Second Life's menu text using certain video drivers and versions of SL.

I used SnagIt to take the above screenshot, and uploaded it into my Photobucket account.   I'm finding that I'm not liking using Photobucket now because they've added so many popup menus to the interface that I can't move my cursor around without an unwanted menu appearing over top of something I want or might want to read.  I don't like having to snake the cursor around in hopes of finding an inert path that won't make something pop up over top of where I'm trying to read or where I want to move my cursor to or where my cursor currently is.  I'd much prefer to have the cursor change in appearance to indicate it's over something active.

Possibly Flock's media bar and other media functions will enable me to use my Photobucket account in a convenient way without having to actually see the overactive Photobucket site.

The text distortion problem may well have nothing to do with Flock or it's blog editor.  It could be because I'm posting this on the secondary monitor.
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