Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Joy Of Money

I haven't had nearly as much of "The Joy Of Money" as I'd like to have.

If I had been applying myself to the making of money during the time I have spent on the internet since I got my first post-Atari computer , which was a Packard-Bell, and my first dial-up internet service with BellSouth , I would likely be in a much better financial situation than I am now. In fact, I've spent so much time on the web that if I'd been pulling in the bucks during that time, I might have a hundred thousand dollars or more in the bank, instead of a negative net worth. That's assuming I was making as much money netting as I do in my day job, which I suppose is a minimum amount to want to make once you decide to try to make some dough from your surfing and posting and so on.

In a beginning effort to combat this tendency to while away the time in a manner that is totally unproductive, I have started this blog under my real name, not some virtual world avatar name or forum user name, and now tonight I have created an AdSense account and added AdSense ads to this blog. The probability that I will actually get a check from Google is small, I suspect, but the probability of me making some money from the time I spend on the internet has now gone from zero to non-zero, which is tiny step in the right direction.

Tonight I have also created a Twitter account, and my new Twitter page is .

I am writing this using Firefox 3, on this computer, or if I'm using my other computer, I'd be using Flock, the Flock 2 beta that is based on Firefox 3.

I have also signed up tonight with Sandy, the email reminder service, in hopes that it might help me remember to do some of the many tasks that I tend to forget about. I don't actually have that many tasks to do, but I tend to forget about them or put them off anyway.

I intend to sign up for some more social networking sites and reminder services and various Web 2.0 types of sites.

Someone in the Hipihi forums asked me to post some pictures there of what I can see in Hipihi, saying that they have trouble seeing much of anything. That connects to one reason I have chosen this barebones, no sidebar format for this blog: I want to be able to put big pictures in my blog.

I think this is enough for this post. I'll try to write better posts as time goes on. Thanks for reading.

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