Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Version Of Hipihi?

I'd fired up Hipihi to get some pictures to post for the person in the Hipihi forums who said they didn't see much when they went in Hipihi.

It seemed to be loading very slow, but then Flock was taking up half my one gig of ram on that machine, and my computer does get bogged down owing to accumulation of years of software.

I was trying to take a shot of the Vidal Sassoon site, using Hipihi's built in screen capture, for some reason, and when I went to change the folder the file would be stored in, Hipihi crashed. I think, I'm not sure, but I think that Hipihi does not like to have spaces in the folder names. Hopefully when I get it going again I will be able to select a folder of my choice but without spaces.

When I tried to log back in, Hipihi gave me a message saying there is a new version of Hipihi, and offering me the option to download it, which I think is new for Hipihi. I think in previous versions it left it to you to go to the website and download.

The dialog box for downloading the new version came up with some text that should have been in Chinese, but I think I have the default language for non-Unicode programs, or whatever that option is called, set to English now, owing to some problem I had with something. Hipihi wants that option set to Chinese, I think. Oh yeah, it's the AMD ATI Catalyst installer, if you have that set to Chinese, it makes the ATI software think you need to see Chinese in your dialogs. That's why I had set it to English.

At any rate, the dialog being unreadable made me select the wrong button, apparently, or else the download just failed.

So now to the Hipihi site to find the download. The Hipihi site is is in Chinese, but there's a button the top right that gets you to the English page, and at the bottom left of that is a link to the English language download page, which is at .

Think link leads to a file with the same version number as the version I have, however, Hipihi doesn't change the version number for the files with each version change. It's kind of annoying; there's no way to know if you are getting the proper file. Dowloads are generally slow, and this one is no exception, it's loading at 14K, a speed I could have gotten back on my dial-up connection when I had the ancient machine with 64 megs of ram, long ago. It's picking up a bit now, but I'm not likely to be able to accomplish my goal of getting some pictures tonight.

While waiting I will check the to see if there's a post with release notes in the English forum.

Nope, not yet.

Hmm, I decided to try logging in to Hipihi one more time, and this time the connection succeeded. There may not be a new version after all. I might should delete this post completely, but instead I think I'll just add a question mark to the title, given that I've already written this much.

Hmm, trying to change to snapshot folder crashed it again.

Trying again, and it appears that the snapshot function works, although I did get one snapshot failed message, if you don't change the snapshot folder.

I believe the snapshot goes on the web, and should be viewable in the Hipihi client as well. I'm not sure where the snapshot goes on the web at the moment, so I'll just put a shot on photobucket. Hmm, I might should try Picasa, I wonder if that is made to work well with blogger blogs.

Sigh, I'm so old, and my memory is shot to hell and back. I can't remember if I have a photobucket account in my name or not. Isn't that pathetic or pitiful or something?

Aha, I have used my real-name email address for a little used Second Life avatar (not my often used old SL avatar or my new Sharcel Bellic avatar). What to do?

Well, I have a zenbe account, so I should be able to use that to make a photobucket account. Or I could change the email address for the existing photobucket account, I guess, and then make a new photobucket account with my normal real world email account.

Nothing is as easy as I want it be.

Well hell, this is the large size picture, it's not nearly as big as I would like, but it's here, although not on photobucket.

This is the Vidal Sasoon site in Hipihi.

I have lost the text cursor in this blogger post editor, that's another little annoyance. Text cursors are nice to have when entering text, so perhaps I will let it's absense be the signal to end this post.

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lily said...

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