Saturday, October 18, 2008

The picture above is one of things I saw on Help Island when I joined Second Life. It's just here as a test of uploading a picture with the Flock photo uploader and putting it in a post using the Flock blog editor.

For some reason this process, which should be very simple, failed repeatedly. I clicked the insert image icon in the (I will now make an acronym, I'm tired of typing Flock Blog Editor, and having to decide whether to capitalize Blog and Editor, so from now on I'll try to use FBE to mean Flog Blog Editor. Having decided that, I'll probably never need to refer to the FBE again. Unless someone asks what it mean, which they probably will, especially since it starts with FB, which suggests FaceBook. I think I'm drifting off course here, though. )

I pasted the url for this picture, , into the appropriate field in the FBE image insert dialog over and over, and while the letters appeared in the dialog, the image did not appear in the editor when I closed the dialog. The source code view showed html for an image. I chopped off the http:// at the front of the image url and pasted the remaining part that onto the end of the http:// that appears in the FBE image editor by default, and that worked, the image appeared when I closed the dialog. I pasted the image url again, the whole thing, making the http/:// that appears in the field vanish, to be replaced by the one in the pasted text, along with the rest of the url, and nothing appeared.

I did that kind of crap over and over, at least a dozen variations on the them of using a complete, guranteed to be error free image url into the FBE image insert dialog, with no image appearing upon closing the dialog.

Then for no apparent reason, doing the exact same thing that had failed before repeatedly worked.

There's no lesson in how to get it to work right the first time to be learned here, and the details described above are almost certainly totally uninteresting to anyone, including the author, but there is a lesson to be learned, and that is that doing the same thing that has failed repeatedly one more time is not alway a sign of insanity, as one sees fairly often as a quote attributed to Albert Einstein.

This makes me wonder about the people who post that alleged quote repeatedly, as if it was somehow going to stop people from doing the same thing again and again expecting a different result from doing the same thing again. Why do they keep posting that quote again and again, can't they see that it's not going to change people's behavior, it's never caused people to keep from repeating behavior with an expectation of different results before, so posting it again is not likely to work the next time they post it. I suppose they must be insane.

I was also hoping to see how this big image appears in this blogger blog. The built-in Blogger post editor has three choices for image size, none of which are big enough to suit me.

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