Saturday, October 18, 2008

Adsense disappointment

I was disappointed to find that Adsense only allows one Adsense account per checking account, or what Adsense thinks of as one person. The Adsense text includes a publisher id, which would then appear on all your sites that use Adsense.

So, for example, if you wanted to produce a Republican seeming blog with Adsense ads, and a Democrat seeming blog with Adsense ads, that should seem like they were written by different people, they would share a common Adsense publisher id, which means that dilligent nosy busybody troublemakers could find that both mutually incompatible blogs were produced by the same source.

I am in a situation similar to that described above, though it doesn't involve Dems and Reps.

I've only accumulated about 4 cents in my existing Adsense account, so closing it in order to get one opened for this blog and perhaps elsewhere is no big deal financially, but it is an annoyance. The probability that Google would change this policy is about as likely as the probability that Google will enable sorting of Gmail by date, or add folders into Gmail, i.e., zero.

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