Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blogger blocked my blog saying it's a spam blog.

Yesterday I checked my email and noticed a message from

My new blog, the one I made in order to be my real self, to some degree, in public on the internet for all the world to see, with all of one post, was determined by the Google spam detection algorithms to be spam.

This is rather depressing.

I followed the link to get this spam status changed and found instructions to fill in the scrambled letters shown in the picture.

Only problem was that there was no picture. Maybe that was supposed to represent zero or the phrase "the null set" or "void" or "missing image" or something.

It worked on the second try, the image appeared, but still, it's pretty insulting and disheartening to have the only apparent reward for your budding writing efforts be to get labeled as spam by a program.

I did get a response from someone in facebook indicating they saw something in facebook or elsewhere (probably facebook, elsewhere would be here, which isn't too likely) about joining Hipihi, so my attempt to reach out a bit haven't gone totally to waste.

Regretttably I must go to work now. I don't feel good, and I have to make thousands of dollars worth of stuff today, and the machine wasn't working to my satisfaction at the end of yesterday, so now I have to go hope that the machine is in a better mood than it was the last time I saw it.

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