Saturday, October 18, 2008

Flock Accounts and Services

So far I have Facebook, Twitter, Gmail for my personal stuff, Gmail for my public web stuff, Photobucket, and Blogger in my Flock Accounts and Services.

I have a lot more accounts and services for an alias, but I'm tired of always being an alias.

If I was posting as my alias, I would have some readers, at least a few, but posting as me has I think not produced a single reader.

I not registered with as many places as the "real me" as I am with my alias, and thus have no "friends" or history with sites like Digg and Myspace and so on.

I have signed up with, and it has a page with a ton of social networking sites that include all the places in the Flock Accounts sidebar, plus many many more. So one thing to do to make this "real me" presence a bit more lively or find some readers and make some social network friends is to sign up for the bulk of the Flock Accounts sidebar sites, then go to the Mashable sites list, which I think is called the grid on the mashable site, and start signing up for them

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